It has been over 100 years since the renowned skin- brightening ingredient, kojic acid was discovered from koji mold—the naturally occurring culture that has been used for centuries in Japan to make soy sauce, sake and miso.

We are proud to announce the discovery of our revolutionary ceramides from Koji.  The world’s first Natural Human-Type Ceramide created through the traditional Japanese process of making soy sauce. You can say this is our brand's 'secret sauce'.

But first, what are Ceramides and why does our skin need them?

Ceramides are biogenic components found in the skins outer layer. Their function protects against moisture loss—Keeping our skin youthful, supple and radiant.

The loss of ceramides causes aging skin to lose moisture, leaving our skin dry and wrinkled. By reapplying ceramides, our skin becomes rejuvenated, nourished and youthful.