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November 13, 2019 2 min read

Mochi is the new Japanese skincare trend that has replaced the glass skin fad. The Japanese version of the ideal skin is different than its contemporaries. Known by the name, 'Mochi Hada' which translates to rice cake skin, this is the type of skin which is translucent, plump, soft and is neither too dry and nor too oily.

For those women who swear by a low-maintenance skincare routine, can ultimately rejoice. The Japanese skincare routine goes back to the basics of double cleansing, and proper hydration. Therefore, owing to the emergence of this Japanese skincare trend , a popular retailer has come up with anti-aging skincare products you can have a look at. Thus, read to know more about the same.

Double Cleanse

One of the absolute quintessential steps to mochi skin is completely removing every trace of oil, dirt, make-up and pollutants from your skin. Following the rule of like for like -You need to first apply an oil based cleanser which will help the makeup and the oily dirt to lift off from the skin. Wipe it with a damp cloth, and follow it with a hydrating cleaner. You need to massage your face for at least a minute for the oil and dirt to wash off properly.

Essence Mist

Followed by the cleansing, you need to apply an essence mist on your skin generously so that it can prep the skin for a better application of other skincare products. The essence mist allows the skin to absorb the goodness of the other skincare products properly.


A serum consists of fermented ingredients which consists of probiotics. This has many beneficiary qualities like human-type ceramide that will allow your skin to rebuild its collagen wall so that it remains elastic for a longer period of time. This anti-aging quality will ultimately prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and crow's feet and render the skin surface smooth and soft.


Last but not the least, you can complete your skincare routine with the help of a super hydrating lotion. The lightweight hydra-balm introduced by one of the anti aging skin care giants in San Francisco gas the ability to rejuvenate your skin. This will help to invigorate your skin's moisture balance and promote a repaired and refined complexion.

Thus, change your skincare routine for the good and adopt the Japanese Mochi skin trend to experience the goodness of a healthy skin. Invest in the best Japanese skincare products by contacting a popular J beauty retailer based out of San Francisco. Browse through the virtual shelves and fill your online cart with the best beauty products.